Winning takes precedence over all. There
Is no gray area. No almosts welcome you the the official website. The website that providing accurate, consistent, profitable, reliable, honest soccer betting tips. As the saying goes, winning isnít everything, itís the only thing. When we bet we only aim for one thing, winning, so as our betting tips. To gain winning always we will do anything for it. With our large betting community network we guaranteed that will be the most reliable soccer betting tips provider ever. Before you proceed to read other content of our website we wanted to let you know that all service provided here is not prediction or analysis, we donít do that and we donít know doing that will have the excellent result. All service is based on insider information, we know how, why, when it goes.


Here in Soccernetbet there are no coincidence, as the saying and our motto goes “Winning Takes Precedence Over All. There Is No Gray Area. No Almost” Everything happen for a reason. We can tell you a very cruel fact to all soccer fans out there, 80% of the soccer games from Friendly club or international matches, major and minor leagues games to big event like UEFA Champions League to Fifa world cup is fixed and manipulated by those rich and powerful people behind the scene. All these happen is because soccer is the most famous sports in the world. Just a game for a big event can involve billions of dollar and who don’t love money in this world? A goal keeper, a national coach, a referee, a super star striker or a club manager is not saint. They are human too with greed and needs, need to have more.
Back to soccernetbet, by saying us a company we rather to introduce ourselves as a network. A network that builded with years and a lot of money. We have people in most major sports book, we have runners in every major event operation, we have people in soccer clubs and everyone is getting payment from us. Why are we paying them for? To obtain the information, informations that will help us maintain in the top of this corrupt sport events. With such information we are what we are today, the rich and powerful group. We need unlimited money, and we need to build a larger powerful community thru online and offline so that we will never leave our position.


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Written on: 27/12/2013 by Philip

Insane crazy expensive when i first got to this site. I email them and ask, why the hell is your service so damn expensive. Soccernetbet replied with a very rude answer “That’s what we are”. I observed this site for 3 weeks and finally giving it a try, 1 win. Since is winnig i will took the winning bets for another try, 2 wins. Ok i try the correct score, 3 wins. Ok, the money worth paying..
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